Page transition effect generator for IE

You always wanted to put a transition effect between your web pages. With this Transition Effect Generator is possible to put the desired effect with just a few clicks. The page transition effect will play every time the user opens or closes a web page. On browsers that do not support the meta tags, the meta tags will be ignored, the page will still open, but without transition effects.

!!! Important: Please insert the generated HTML tag before any other tag. If it is possible right after you open the head tag.

We have added a list of the most used effects. You can use it to make your transition effect tag or you can use the upper generator and let us generate it for you.
Fade blendTrans(duration=1)
Box In revealTrans(duration=1, transition=0)
Box Out revealTrans(duration=1, transition=1)
Circle In revealTrans(duration=1, transition=2)
Circle Out revealTrans(duration=1, transition=3)
Wipe Up revealTrans(duration=1, transition=4)
Checkerboard revealTrans(duration=1, transition=10)
Vertical Checkerboard revealTrans(duration=1, transition=11)
Strips revealTrans(duration=1, transition=20)
Barn revealTrans(duration=1, transition=14)
Dissolve revealTrans(duration=1, transition=12)