Text to ASCII numbers converter

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only interpret numbers, so ASCII codes are numerical representation of character

Although seems an ancient convention and a general user will never have to use it, ASCII is really useful in programming.

You can use this TEXT to ASCII generator to convert text to ASCII numbers. Depending on your needs you can be interested in Decimal, hexadecimal, or octal numbers. I also added an HTML representation of the ASCII entity witch is quite useful if you want to obfuscate/hide your email address for email SPAM spiders.

Why should you use email obfuscation?

Email address obfuscation is the practice of hiding email address from spammers or harvesters while maintaining visibility for a real user.

What are email harvesters?

Email spiders or email harvesters are boots that are searching the Internet and looking for email addresses. This emails are later used to:

  • Send spam email to
  • Impersonate and send fake spam emails from
  • Sold to other to use in their email marketing campaigns

According to cloudflare, if your email is included in such a list, you are eligible to receive around 800 spam emails. Multiply 800 by the times you leave your email in plain text when you write a post on the World Wide Web.